Saturday, April 23, 2011

Freebies Received - Week 3

Ok this is everything I got in the mail for free this week. Everything that is still available will be linked.
Leave me some comments telling me what you got this week!!

Mini Photo Book 21 Pictures
Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl + Coupon
Garnier Ultra-Lift Test Kit
Being a Girl Sample Kit - Came with 4 pads, 3 tampons, deodorant, and coupons
Playtex Sport Tampons
National Poetry Month Poster
Sample Showcase Box - Came with Secret Deodorant, Wisk, Biscotti, 2 French Vanilla Coffee Mate, Starbucks Coupon, and 2 GUM Soft picks + Coupon
Valspar Paint Starter Kit - Came with Paint, Tray, Roller, and Extra Roll, Color Palette, + Coupon
Ester-C + Coupon
Australian Dream Pain Relief
Bragg Seasoning - 3 Packets

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